Kitchen Tips

Soaking & Grains:
Adapting a Yeast Bread for Soaking
How to Keep Whole Grain Flour Fresh
How to Soak Brown Rice
How to Soak Oatmeal
How to Soak & Dry Cashews
How to Soak Beans

Cook Squash the Safe and Brainless Way
What to do with a Cucumber
How to Use Up an Abundance of Greens
5 Easy Ways to Eat more Vegetables

Meal Planning:
Start Meal Planning
My Meal Planning Metho
Confession: Meal Planning Failures
Eating Real Food at Camp
Easy Alternatives to Lunchmeat
Creative Leftovers

Efficiency in the Kitchen:
 Two (Cheap) Thermometers to Save Your Baking
7 Unexpected Uses for the Humble Ice Cube Tray 
10 Favorite Simple Meals
Freezer Habits
Lazy Freezing Techniques
Make the Most of Your Honey
Tips for Pleasant Dishwashing
Why I Love my Immersion Blender

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