Real Life Confession: bad freezer habits

I am a real person. I don't have this real food thing down yet.

Today, after a meltdown that occurred as a result of too many things to do and too little time to do them, I started cleaning out the freezer. I was sick of things falling out every time I opened it! As I sifted through bags and containers of mysterious foodstuffs, I realized that I have a bad habit to confess.

Sometimes I cook something that isn't that great, or was okay the first time we had it but leftovers don't sound appealing. Since we don't want to eat any more of this thing at the moment, I will put it in the freezer, usually labeled, for future eating.

But if I don't want to eat it in the first place, I am not going to want to eat it after a few months in the freezer! Which is why I found some containers of food that had been in the freezer for longer than just a few months...now completely freezer-burned and even grosser than they started out. Yuck.

I'm going to try to do better. From now on, if something is not that great, I'm either going to force myself to eat it, or throw it away. I hate to waste food. But now I know it's either waste it now or waste it later. I don't want food taking up space in my freezer if I'm never going to eat it!

And that's my real life confession for today. :)

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  1. I'm guilty of this too! I figure I have enough foods in my repertoire that for the most part I can make things I know we like and will eat. I keep food waste down by spacing out my experiments, so I don't have 5 failed experiments in one week that end up dumped or in the fridge/freezer to be dumped later. I try not to feel guilty about a failed experiment...after all it was worth the try and you never know if you'll like it til you try it, right? And then I just don't repeat it. lol.