Cucumbers Out Our Ears!

Our CSA is currently dominated by cucumbers. This week we got 7 cucumbers and 10 pickles. I wanted to make pickles, but we are heading to Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp and I will not be doing any crazy kitchen projects. (I'll be sure to post a picture of the "kitchen" we have at camp!)

So what's a girl (or guy) to do with so many cukes? Well, all kinds of fun stuff! I made the most adorable Cheddar-Herb Cucumber bites for a party at our house Monday night, and didn't take a single picture. But the recipe is below and I assure you they are quite tasty!
But first, a VERY simple recipe involving cucumbers and blueberries! This is what happens when I decide to make a salad 2 minutes before we sit down to eat dinner. It involves no lettuce (takes too long to wash) and only 5 ingredients. And it was the perfect compliment to our quinoa-sweet potato veggie burgers (recipe coming soon).

If your CSA or garden is also swimming in cucumbers, I hope these recipes help you use them up!
Cucumber-Blueberry Salad

1 cucumber, cut into chunks
a handful of blueberries
a splash of white wine vinegar
salt and pepper to taste
chopped fresh basil and mint

Toss together and enjoy!

Cheddar-Herb Cucumber Bites
Mix together the following ingredients, eye-balling the amounts to get the consistency you want:

softened cream cheese
sour cream or plain yogurt
shredded cheddar cheese
chopped fresh dill, basil, and chives (or whatever herbs you want)
salt and pepper to taste

Spread onto slices of cucumbers or pickles. Serve as a snack, appetizer, or side-dish. (It's also great on crackers or on other veggies.)

One more tip for using your cucumbers: add a few slices to your water glass for a refreshing break from plain water. :)

What's your favorite way to use cucumbers?


  1. I love that you came up with creative ways to use cucumbers. I've been wondering since I have a soup project that features a seasonal soup every Monday, have you ever tried cucumber soup? If you have tried it, was it hot or cold? I think in France they cook cucumbers and I think Barbara Kafka might have included on in her book Vegetable Love. Anyway, I was just curious.

  2. We just tried both of these with dinner. YUM! My hubby took a bite of the salad and said, "It tastes like a bowl full of garden." : ) In my book, at least, that means it's a winner. Thanks for hooking us up with the cucumber creativity! Two down, twenty-something to go...

  3. That's a great way to describe it! I tend to think that about anything with basil, and it's definitely a good thing. :) Glad you liked them, friend! Hope you have some friends to share your bounty with! :)