Need a Last-Minute Dinner Plan? Try Creamy Beef & Noodles with Peas

The other night, I found myself alone with the kids around dinner time. My husband had something going on and wasn't coming home for dinner. I had - miraculously - been getting some organizing done while the kids played happily, and suddenly it was 5:45 and I had no dinner plan.

(5:45 might not seem that bad, but our daughter has been needing an early bedtime of 6:30 or so lately, so my goal is always to have dinner on the table by 5:30. Doesn't always happen, of course.)

Now, you know I'm all about meal planning, but I confess that I've been a bit lax lately. Maybe it's the warm weather, maybe it's two kids in rather demanding phases of life, maybe it's the husband studying for his ordination exams...whatever it is, I'm trying to get back on track!

So I looked in the fridge: I saw some leftover cooked noodles, and some browned ground beef. It looked like dinner to me!

I added a few other simple ingredients to pull it all together, and found myself with a quick, satisfying meal that can be altered according to what you have on hand. If you don't have leftover noodles and beef already cooked like I did, just cook them up quickly before assembling. It would still be a very easy meal!

There are no measurements, but you can handle it. Use whatever amounts look and smell and taste good to you. I hope this recipe gives you an example of something delicious you can throw together with very little preparation when you're in a pinch! If it helps you and your family consume one less frozen pizza or Big Mac, I've done my job. :)

Last-Minute Creamy Beef & Noodles with Peas

Cooked noodles (I used whole wheat egg noodles, but use whatever you have on hand)
Cooked ground beef (mine was just seasoned with salt and garlic powder)
Beef broth
Apple cider vinegar
Frozen peas
Sour cream
Salt and pepper
Garlic powder and onion powder
Additional spices of choice: I used dried dill, parsley and basil
Parmesan cheese (or whatever cheese you want) for serving

  1. Heat noodles, beef, a couple T. butter, a splash of broth (maybe 1/2 cup or so), and a bit of apple cider vinegar (about 1 T.) in a skillet, covered, until warm.
  2. Add frozen peas and heat a few minutes more.
  3. Add a dollop of sour cream and seasonings. Taste and adjust seasonings - be liberal with the salt!
  4. Serve with freshly grated cheese and enjoy!

Now sit back and congratulate yourself. You just cooked a delicious, fast, easy and healthy dinner for your family. You rock!

What do you cook when you're short on time?

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