Got Too Much Raw Milk?

The boy loves his milk. Especially out of a real glass.

We get a gallon and a half of raw milk from our herdshare every Friday. 

Recently, we were gone from a Tuesday to the following Wednesday. Milk was delivered on Friday while we were gone, so when we got back we had a lot of milk to use in two days before our new milk arrived. We are not huge milk drinkers, so I had to get creative. In addition to trying to just drink more of it (and let my toddler have as much as he wanted) I made a few recipes that used up a lot of milk:

1. Easy Mac and Cheese
While I love my regular mac and cheese recipe, this is a great one for using up milk. You actually cook the noodles in the milk, which makes a thick, creamy sauce all on its own. It used up 3 cups, though I totally could have doubled it and used 6. (Note: I use brown rice pasta and add a few tablespoons of butter to this recipe. We also like to add cut-up organic hot dogs and frozen peas.) Get the recipe here!

2. Homemade Chocolate Pudding and Fudgesicles
I got the idea of freezing chocolate pudding into fudgecicles from Kelly the Kitchen Kop, but I used The Nourishing Gourmet's simpler chocolate pudding recipe (with cow's milk in place of the coconut milk, obviously). These are pretty much amazing, and used up 4 cups of milk. I made 6 fudgesicles and had some pudding leftover to enjoy unfrozen. :)

3. Fruit Smoothies
Usually I use yogurt in my smoothies, but lately I've been using all milk. My favorite last week was frozen banana, blueberries, raspberries, and spinach, plus a little vanilla, a pinch of Real Salt, and enough milk to get it to the right consistency (I like my smoothies really thick, so I start with just a little milk and add more as needed).

That's what I did this time around to use up the extra milk, but other ideas include:
Soaked Pancakes
Make Cookies (we always drink milk with cookies)
Turn it into Yogurt
Homemade Granola with milk
Use in place of water in Yeast Bread
Freeze it for later

How do you use up extra milk?

This is part of Monday Mania.


  1. Make paneer! A really easy indian cheese, that doesn't take any fancy ingredients. Also make some butter and then use the buttermilk for pancakes, or other baked goods.

  2. We make whey, yogurt, pudding most often. My boys don't let us have much leftover milk, though. lol