Pregnancy Food Diary: Twenty-Seven Weeks

For this week's installment of my Pregnancy Food Diary, I'm sharing with you one good day and one bad day.

The bad day was not bad because I ate junk food. It was bad because I didn't listen to my body enough, and I didn't eat enough. And during pregnancy (and breastfeeding) if I don't eat enough it's hard to catch up. I ran errands which took longer than I thought they would, and by the time I got home I was so hungry that I had painful gas bubbles (this happens to me when my stomach is empty) and then had to eat quickly before going to teach dance classes in the evening. Not cool.

So here's the bad day:

Breakfast: Two pieces of quiche with bacon and spinach, kombucha
Lunch: Haitian bean sauce over soaked cornmeal, mashed sweet potatoes with butter and cinnamon, salad with homemade creamy Italian dressing and avocado
Snack: Dry Ezekial cereal (starving, on my way home from the store)
Dinner: A little bit of leftover mac and cheese with greens and hot dogs, more Ezekial cereal with milk and banana
Snack: Yogurt with homemade granola

I had a couple little bits of meat, but I don't think it was enough. I'm learning that some meat every day, or a couple times a day, is a very good thing for me. My dinner was heavy on the grains and diary, but not much other protein. I also missed my morning snack which I think set off a chain reaction of hunger throughout the day. Here's the breakdown in servings (recommended amounts are in ():

Protein: 3 (4)
Eggs: 1 (2)

Dairy: 2.5 (4) 
Butter: 2 (3)
Whole Grains: 4 (2)
Refined Grains: 0 (0)
Veggies: 3 (3-4)
Greens: 2 (2)

Fruit: 1 (1)
Citrus: 0 (1)
Probiotic Foods: 4 (4) 

So I was short on protein,  eggs, dairy, and butter. And I felt awful.

Now here's the good day:

Breakfast: two eggs, a couple slices of bacon, and some broccoli, sourdough toast with butter, kombucha, half an orange
Snack: soaked cornmeal mush with butter, maple syrup, raw milk, flax seed, and banana
Lunch: quesadilla (cheese on a sprouted flour tortilla) with bean sauce and sour cream
Snack: krautburger (ground beef, cabbage, and onion), sourdough toast with butter, pregnancy tea
Dinner: Salsa chicken and black bean soup, guacamole, tortilla chips
Dessert: impossible sourdough brownie, raspberry sauce, vanilla ice cream
Snack: More brownie with raspberry sauce and a glass of milk

In servings: 
Protein: 4.5 (4)
Eggs: 3 (2)

Dairy: 3 (4) 
Butter: 3 (3)
Whole Grains: 5 (2)
Refined Grains: 0 (0)
Veggies: 4 (3-4)
Greens: 1 (2)

Fruit: 2 (1)
Citrus: 1 (1)
Probiotic Foods: 4 (4)

Notice that it looks a lot more like a bunch of small meals instead of three meals and snacks. I've been finding that my schedule teaching dance around dinner time works a lot better if I eat several small meals instead of scarfing a lot of food before I teach, or waiting until afterwards and being starving. This day was not a day that I was teaching dance, but I think my body does better on several smaller meals anyway. If I have several meals, instead of "meals" and "snacks" I tend to eat more protein and never reach the point of painful hunger. It has also helped with my insatiable hunger at night. There have been so many nights this pregnancy in which I lie down to go to sleep, only to hear my stomach rumble! (We've talked about putting a mini-fridge in our bedroom.) It is so frustrating! So I am trying to eat a good bedtime snack or mini-meal to keep that from happening.

Now I'm off to have second breakfast!

This is part of Monday Mania,  Real Food Wednesday, and Healthy2Day Wednesday.


  1. It's just amazing how much we need to eat when pregnant and nursing. I know for me planning is so key. I have to have the next thing for the day lined up and ready to eat. If I don't figure it out until I'm hungry - I'm in trouble.

    1. Yes, I know what you mean! If I wait too long there will certainly be a melt down. :)

  2. Thanks for linking your great post to FAT TUESDAY. This was very interesting! Hope to see you next week!


  3. love your breakfast from the "good day" menu. Before pregnancy, I used to eat a tiny, mostly carb breakfast. Now, especially since I'm nursing, I've become a protein fiend! Eggs, sausage, and cheese please! ;)

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  5. This really helps me, thank you for posting! I am not married, but I'm 22 years old and severely underweight (like 30 pounds). I'm needing to eat ALOT to put on weight (I've been eating 3 big meals plus 3 snacks!) and I'm trying to follow some of the WAP guidelines for pregnancy in order to nourish my body and help restore my fertility (haven't had a cycle in 2 years). It's hard to eat so much sometimes, but it's helpful to see there are others needing to do this as well. I'm willing to do anything to get my body healthy to be able to have children! Blessings to you :-)

    1. Abby, I'm glad that you found this helpful! I hope that your health and fertility can be restored by eating lots of good food!

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    I think my human body does better on several lesser foods anyway. If I have several foods, instead of "meals" and "snacks" I usually eat more aminoacids and never arrive at the factor of hurtful craving for food.