Pregnancy Food Diary: Twenty-Three Weeks (Travel Edition)

If you missed it, go here for the link to all the posts in my Pregnancy Food Diary Series!

This is what I ate last Saturday. I was out of town, staying with my parents after returning from a trip to visit family in California. I wasn't at home with all my normal foods, but I did what I could. :) (Man was I missing the kombucha and raw milk!)

Food diary for Saturday, January 21

Breakfast: Organic plain fat-free yogurt mixed with Daisy sour cream (to simulate whole milk yogurt in its absence), with honey, blueberries, and homemade granola (I had packed some from home), half a cup of coffee with half-and-half.

Lunch (we went out to a breakfast-all-day place): Eggs Benedict with spinach and bacon on an english muffin with hash browns, some crepes with lingon berries (we split these 5 ways and everyone had a taste. What a delicious treat!), a bit of freshly squeezed orange juice

Snack: whole-grain toast with natural peanut butter and honey, yerba chai with half and half, piece of cheese

Dinner: chicken with homemade peanut sauce, carrots, and broccoli over whole wheat pasta

Snack: part-whole-grain pumpkin bread (made with coconut oil and sucanat - thanks Mom!)

How did I do?
(the recommended # of servings of each food is in parentheses)

Protein:  3.5 (4)
Eggs: 2 (2)
Dairy: 3 (4) 
Butter: 1 (3)
Whole Grains: 3.5 (2)
Refined Grains: 1.5 (0)
Veggies: 3 (3-4)
Greens: 1 (2)
Fruit: 1.5 (1)
Citrus: 0.5 (1)
Fermented Foods: 1 (3)

More about this day...
It's hard to find fermented foods on vacation. All I managed was a little yogurt.

I'm counting freshly squeezed orange juice as a half a serving of fruit. Whole fruit is always better than juice, but I couldn't pass up the freshly squeezed stuff! When you do drink juice, it's important to have it with plenty of fat and protein to keep your blood sugar from spiking. I'm hoping the Hollandaise sauce on my eggs was made with real butter... :)

I've been craving green veggies like crazy, so I was grateful for the spinach on my eggs and the broccoli in the dinner my parents made!

How am I doing on my goals?
I was out of town all week, so I didn't do too great on some of these goals.

1) Get to bed earlier. 
With the exception of travel days, I didn't do too bad on this. But I'm hoping to get into more of a routine now that I'm back home!

2) Take supplements throughout the day. 
I've mentioned before that I have trouble remembering to take my vitamins except at bedtime. I'm working on taking them with each meal, instead of all at once. I'm getting better! Soon I'll share with you what supplements I take during pregnancy.

3) Drink pregnancy tea.
Two cups yesterday! Recipe coming soon!

4) Make (almost) all grains soaked, sprouted, or soured.
My Grandma did have some sprouted bread with flaxseed that I tried to eat whenever I had bread, and I packed granola from home, but other than that my grains were either whole and not soaked or sprouted, or refined. And how can you pass up your German Grandmother's stollen!?

5) Eat those greens!
I tried to find greens even on travel days: I had a mixed green salad with my burger (from a sustainable Burger place at the San Francisco airport...gotta love California!), and I ordered spinach on my pizza at O'Hare (it was either pizza or McDonalds when we arrived hungry at 9 PM). I was pleasantly surprised that it was absolutely loaded with spinach!

Are you pregnant? What are you eating to nourish yourself and your baby? And how do you manage to eat well while traveling?

This is part of Monday Mania, Simple Lives Thursday, and Fight Back Friday.

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  1. I really like your idea of adding the sour cream to the yogurt. So many times the only plain yogurt I can find is fat free (ick). We will be on the road for 2 weeks this summer with a goal of eating the same way we would at home. I'll remember your yogurt tip if I run into the no fat issue. Thank you!

  2. Hey Joanna!

    This series is so motivating! I threw spinach into my eggs yesterday morning (and actually made eggs, instead of just grabbing a bagel from the fridge...) because of your last post. : ) Thanks...from me and VBaby. I really like the perspective of hitting a "goal" of servings of certain foods, rather than looking at a big, disappointing list of what NOT to eat. It's more like a game this way...maybe I should make a sticker chart... ; ) Anyway, loving your blog, as always. I'll email soon with a few other pregnancy questions I've been hoping to ask...


  3. Jaimi - yay! So happy I'm motivating you - that's the goal! And a sticker chart is a great idea. :) And the focus on what to eat instead of what not to eat is one reason this blog is called "plus other GOOD stuff" instead of "And all that bad stuff" :) Love you, friend!

  4. Thankfully not traveling! BUT I'm 15 weeks now and following recommendations of Rami Nagel in Healing Our Children (based on Weston A. Price's research)
    Raw milk, pastured butter, grass fed liver (raw in smoothies and cooked in pate') mostly grass fed meats, bacon, lots of pastured raw eggs in smoothies as well as cooked eggs, raw cheese when I can, as much animal fat as I can and as many veggies as I can.... always running out of quality milk and eggs!

  5. I'm what, 22 weeks now? My biggest challenge has been getting enough protien. My midwife wants me to eat at least 70 grams a day. Before pregnancy I was a mostly vegetarian who ate very little dairy and some eggs. I was probably getting 30 grams on a good day. Now with the help of farm fresh milk and eggs as well as increasing fish to twice a week and meat once a week, I'm reaching 60 grams on all days and about half the time getting up to 70 grams. The result is that I am eatting more food. I'm a little worried about gaining too much weight. I guess that is a question for the next appointment.

  6. Foy, I have struggled to eat enough protein in pregnancy too, especially my last pregnancy. I'd say don't worry about gaining too much weight unless you are eating lots of refined grains and sugars or trans fats and vegetable oils. I just listen to my body, and it's hard for me to eat too much because I'm constantly hungry when I'm pregnant.:)If you think you are overeating, perhaps cut out some of your grains, but don't cut the protein! I hope everything goes well for you and thanks for stopping by!