What We Do When We're Sick

Well I'm back after a week-long hiatus. I came down with a cold a week ago and haven't had the energy for anything extra.

But today I'm feeling great, minus the residual junky sounding cough. Here's what I did to take care of myself and recover quickly from the dreaded late-winter cold:

1) I ate nourishing foods and drank plenty of liquids.
When I'm sick, I pretty much only want to eat liquid foods. It's a lot easier to breathe when you are sipping rather than chewing. So this week I lived on soup, smoothies, and herbal tea.

The day I felt the worst, I somehow gathered enough strength to make some chicken soup with homemade bone broth. I added some crushed garlic at the end, since raw garlic has so many healing properties. I also pulled some tomato soup from the freezer (made last summer with heirloom tomatoes). I had a smoothie containing frozen fruit, yogurt, coconut oil, and pastured egg yolks every day to get some more nutrients in me - since other foods weren't very appetizing. I drank like six cups of tea a day - mostly immune system support and throat comfort (we like Yogi Tea and Traditional Medicinals). And I drank a lot of water.

2) I supplemented my diet with superfoods.
I continued taking all the things we usually take: Homemade elderberry syrup, fermented cod liver oil, and liver capsules. In the first couple days, I took the elderberry several times a day, in hopes of giving my immune system the extra boost it needed. I have also taken a homeopathic remedy in the past at the first sign of a cold with definite success - it's called Alpha CF.

3) I rested.
I took two days off of work, let the housework and laundry go, slept in as much as I could, and rented Jane Austen films from the library. (I recommend the BBC version of Sense & Sensibility!)

And now I'm back to my chipper self and ready to face the week ahead of me!


  1. Glad you are feeling better! (Somehow I doubt that the males in your house rent Jane Austin films from the library when sick...but maybe I'm assuming incorrectly!)

  2. I'd like to see Caedmon step up to the counter with Pride & Prejudice...the long version!