the beginning.

everyone has a blog. so there’s no real reason that I need to have one, too.

except this: if I can bless just one person through this medium, it will be worth it.

I have a passion for food - real food. not what you see on the grocery store shelves or in the fast food chains, but bread you make from scratch in your own kitchen, juicy peaches you pick yourself at a local farm, heirloom tomatoes from your own backyard, grass-fed beef from the farmer down the road.

this love of mine is not about guilt or exclusivity or snobbery. it’s about the goodness of life. about taking care of what we’ve been given (our world, our bodies, our families), and sharing what we have with those around us.

who am I? my name is Joanna. I am wife to Steven, a language-learning, art-making, deep-thinking, humor-loving seminarian. I am mom to Caedmon, a dancing, drumming, cuddling, real-food-eating toddler. I am a homemaker, a dance teacher, a choreographer, and a lover of homemade, natural things.

I hope what I write will be a blessing to someone.

so here we go!


  1. Can't wait!! And you've already blessed me with that hummus recipe. I just wrote it down. :)

  2. You've inspired me to add some clams and oysters back into my world. Thanks, Joanna!